Licensing & Pricing

Types of licenses

PST offers three types of licenses to clients:

All prices are highly competitive.

Developer seat

The developer seat license allows for the development of a system without committing to price of the full license. The price of this license is calculated per concurrent user. Meaning that one developer can put it on multiple computers for his or her use.


The deployment license allows for the deployment of the software on the client's computers. The price of this license is based on the number of central processing units the software will be run on. This means that one cluster will be looked at as multiple CPUs. This also means that a server side deployment on a client server system will be priced based on the server, not the clients and if there are multiple applications running on the same machine, there is no additional cost.


The redistribution license allows the client to package our software in theirs and sell it. This arrangement is very much based on the project and is thus entirely based on negotiation and no universal factors can be given.